May 22, 2021

Digital Product Management Seminar

Course code: LTAT.05.022
Amount of credits: 3+3 ECTS
Schedule: Autumn and/or Spring semester
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Ever wondered what goes into building and managing great digital products? This course is designed to answer just that with a focus on examples from different companies and research papers. We introduce industry tested methodologies, like design sprints and agile development, in a very hands-on way. Apart from just the methodologies, we also cover important topics such as Product strategy, Digital marketing etc to give students a birds-eye view into this world. Additionally, we also invite special guest lecturers from successful companies to give the students a better perspective on how software development works in real life. In the past offering of the course, we’ve had guest lectures from Jordan Valdma (co-founder of Producement), Elmo Soomets (Design Team Lead at MobiLab), and Marge Taivere (Regional Manager at Cleveron).

This course is offered in both Autumn and Spring semesters in two 3-ECTS modules.

Students have the flexibility to complete one or both of the modules in any order of their liking.