Jun 8, 2022

Partner company: Metatellus

Course: Digital Product Management Industry Project
Team vME (Virtual ME): Helena, Joonas, Joy, Yashar
Semester: Spring 2022

The challenge
Our modern everyday digital environment has created many problems for both users and providers of digital services to deal with. Two most significant problems are:
1. Increasing disconnectedness from real life
2. Poor human-computer interaction
When applied to the field of Metaverse and the onboarding processes, these problems lead to one big question. How to build up the onboarding and retention so that the app gets as much information about the user as possible with as little input as possible?

Process and solution
Team vME identified its primary goal as follows: build trustful relationships between a virtual creature and its owner via the mobile interface. During user research, they focused on testing the assumption that people leave onboarding when the app asks too many questions. To test this assumption, vME team conducted ten interviews with ten potential users at age 16-53. The team was able to pinpoint primary users’ concerns, weaknesses of virtual assistants, and identify what onboarding should include.

Taking findings into consideration, the team decided to focus on two How Might We questions:
1. HMW build trust between the user and app so that the user feels secure.
2. HMW create a visual onboarding algorithm that studies the user thoroughly.
After a few cycles of user tests and improvement, team vME presented a prototype of an onboarding application that focuses on building a complete virtual version of the user while rewarding the user with a unique abstract piece of art.

Sneak peek at vME team's user research process
Sneak peek at vME team's product prototype