Jun 14, 2022

Partner company: SEB

Course: Digital Product Management Industry Project
Team Emotional Payment: Kaisa, Birgitt, Tejas, Peeter
Semester: Spring 2022

The challenge
Making payments from your account to someone else’s account is a rather technical thing. However the intentions are not always technical. SEB assumes that people sometimes use money as a gift, as a bonus for a well-done job, as a help or support, as a donation etc. However, the bank’s existing payment forms in Internetbank or Mobile App do not support people to fully convey the emotion when making the payment, and people look for alternative channels to deliver it (SMS, call, Messenger, WhatsApp, cash).

Process and solution
Team Emotional Payment analyzed stakeholders, built a persona and an user journey map, and identified six stages, from initiating a bank transfer to communicating with the receiver about it. After user research, the team came up with three different design opportunities. The one they decided to focus on was: How might we add an emotional personal touch to the bank transaction?

The ideation phase proved to be very productive for team Emotional Payment, as they brainstormed a lot of exciting and innovative ideas. The team presented a product prototype that allows enriching the regular money transfer with a wide variety of features, from poems to interactive images of birthday cakes.

Sneak peek at Emotional Payment team's ideation phase 
Sneak peek at Emotional Payment team's product prototype