May 23, 2021

Global Digital Innovation Project

Course code: LTAT.05.024
Amount of credits: 6 ECTS
Schedule: Autumn and/or Spring semester
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In the context of increasingly international companies and interdisciplinary teams even within companies, this course emulates the complex work environment that we are a part of. Sandbox, being a part of Design Factory Global Network (DFGN), offers this course in collaboration with members of the network such as at Mannheim University, Germany. As part of the course students from UT and will work in collaboration to solve real problems offered by Estonian and German partner companies. With the main goal of building a validated prototype, the focus of the course will be to develop end-to-end problem solving skills using design thinking methods. While solving the problems students will learn how to convert a problem statement into a product vision, develop a strategy to build the product, prototype it, and design metrics to measure success. Some of the partner companies in previous offerings of the course were Tartu2024, Cleveron, Coffee Store, etc.

This course can be offered in both Autumn and Spring semesters.

Students have the possibility of doing this course multiple times since the problem statements are new every semester and the courses themselves are evolving from semester to semester.