Our students, the task force of future changemakers and innovative thinkers will tackle your company’s actual problems. We help you adjust your point of view, to try a different approach or to get out of your comfort zone.



We provide you more visibility among our students and the design thinking community in Tartu.


We help you validate the problem statement and work towards a solution as part of the project course.

New Skills

We provide an opportunity for the partner company’s employees to advance their own knowledge and skills.

New Talent

Together we can create an environment to foster future product managers.


We accept new partner companies twice a year, in August-September and December-January. In order to become a partner for the Sandbox programme, a fee applies. This financial support from the partner companies allows the Sandbox team to further develop and refine the programme to improve design thinking and digital product management education at the University of Tartu. If your company is interested in joining the programme, contact us through the form below or write an email to sandbox@ut.ee.

We are also always open to guest lecturers who wish to give a talk on topics related to digital product management and design thinking. If you are interested in joining Sandbox programme as a guest lecturer, write an email to sandbox@ut.ee.



Partner company: City of Tartu

Course: Digital Product Management Industry Project
Team: Ülle, Anu, Tarmo, Laura
Semester: Spring 2021

The challenge: How to offer public services in a more accessible, personalized and convenient way for the users?

Team Tartu City created a prototype of the gateway to the city services by an example of leisure services for the elderly, that would be simple and easy to use for less tech-savvy user groups.

Partner company: SEB

Course: Digital Product Management Industry Project
Team: Elari, Katrin, Nino, Esther, Edvin
Semester: Spring 2021

The challenge: Find a way how to help its clients on the journey towards a green home.

During the course, Team SEB discovered that the biggest gap for customers was how to define a green home and the benefits it brings, for example if it is costly, or financially efficient. The team developed a solution that will address the awareness and understanding of green homes, while helping SEB’s clients make more environment friendly and financially wise decisions.

Partner company: Arvato FS IT Services Estonia

Course: Digital Product Management Industry Project
Team: Maria, Tobechi Michael, Mariam, Emilia, Norman
Semester: Spring 2021

The challenge: Redesign an in-house spreadsheet-based software access rights system.

Team Arvato proposed a role-based solution that is intuitive and easy, includes predefined software packages, simple add/remove features and change history export options.

Partner company: Pipedrive

Course: Digital Product Management Industry Project
Team: Mait, Sandra, Mario, Maria, Uko
Semester: Spring 2021

The challenge: Explore what possibilities are there to use natural language processing (NLP) technology in Pipedrive’s customer relation manager software to create additional value to their customers.

Team Pipedrive worked out a mobile friendly feature that uses NLP technology to read, interpret, categorize and react accordingly to emails.