May 23, 2021

Human Computer Interaction

Course code: LTAT.05.007
Amount of credits: 6 ECTS
Schedule: Autumn or Spring semester
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With computers evolving from large mammoth machines, to literally fitting in the palm of our hands, the way in which we interact with them has also changed dramatically. Going from programming with punched cards, to using digital assistants with voice and gestures, the ways in which we interact with computer systems has reached a place where it requires a dedicated field of study. In this course we will focus on identifying and deploying methods for interface and experience design, development and evaluation. Drawing insights from psychology and classic texts like “The Design of Everyday Things” we will cover topics like Human perception, and UI/UX design. We will then use these concepts to design and build prototypes of a computer interface.

This course is offered in the Autumn semester for block mode studies and in Spring for regular mode studies, and it is a prerequisite for the Product Management Industry Project course offered by the Sandbox.