Jun 14, 2022

Partner company: SEB

Course: Digital Product Management Industry Project
Team Finbest: Monica, Karl, Asso, Binghua
Semester: Spring 2022

The challenge
SEB presented the challenge that a large proportion of the society is facing financial stress on a daily basis. Some people are able to manage their finances well but some are struggling. Different customer groups have different approaches to managing financial stress and therefore also need different solutions. In addition, financial stress can create not only financial problems but also impact health. The challenge of this project was to find out the customers' financial stress and lead them to solve it with our product.

Process and solution
During the course, team Finbest analyzed four different personas, conducted seven interviews, built a journey map, and tested various assumptions. After thorough user research, they came up with ten design opportunities. The team decided to focus on the following opportunity: How might we support customers to reach their financial goals based on their life priorities?

After the ideation and testing phases, team Finbest presented a product prototype that would help users assess their financial situation, make and follow a budget, increase financial literacy, and, most importantly, release financial stress.

Sneak peek at Finbest's product prototype